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It's hard to have words for something this horrible. I keep thinking, why children and how could someone do this.

I'm glad to see that everyone is working on self care. I haven't been able to limit my exposure too much because it's all over all the social media so instead I'm trying to make sure that I do some restorative things like watch something that makes me laugh now and then or play with the cats.

PTC - eating IS really hard with big feelings like this. I'm trying to tell myself that one way that I can practice gratitude that my little nephews and all my loved ones are all safe is to eat and not cause them worry. It's a little guilt based which goes along with how I grew up but I figure if it motivates me to eat right now, no harm done. 

Kym - the little kid part of me felt very very scared and unsafe when I first heard the news too. I haven't connected all the dots yet on where that comes from. Oh and I LOVE that you are making solstice stockings. That's awesome :)

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