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Wow...this is kind of interesting, as I'm finding that I am having to dig deep just to bat off the voices (which are mine, but carry the attitude of my parents, mother especially) which say that saying what I want to say in response to this article, is far too conceited, and "up myself", and giving myself more credit than I actually deserve. It's like it's necessary to acknowledge the level of debasement that is there, just to be able to talk about debasement. But pushing past those demons, yes, I can see very clearly that my abilities are not acknowledged or reflected in my lifestyle - as I am pretty intelligent, articulate, have good social and communication skills... but I don't have a decent job/career, don't have much in the way of a social life etc. Given my abilities and talents, I'm very aware that I "should" be so much more, more "successful" than I am. It is the source of much heartache that who I appear to be on the outside doesn't reflect who I am on the inside or utilise any of my positive qualities, and I feel that my lack of self-worth, and my disallowing myself to value any of my positive attributes, is what is responsible for people looking down upon me... it is almost self-fulfilling, I have become the relatively worthless thing in other peoples' eyes, that I am in my own eyes, and what I am in my own eyes, is what my parents saw me as, and told me I was, and punished me for expressing anything that might indicate otherwise. But all that said, I am aware of this, but I still struggle with how I can remedy this, and gain an adequate amount of self-worth, and credibility in light of how others see me.

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